Our Mission

Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) promotes the healthy development of individuals, families and communities through direct services, volunteerism and partnerships in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Healthy Communities

From the age of 10 Donald found himself looking for an escape from the anger of his childhood as he sought company that would fill the gap of a lack of support from his own family.  A close family friend "parented" him into gang life.  During the next seven years Donald was incarcerated 14 times for drug related offenses, assault, robbery, and fighting.  Violence, shootings, fights and severe substance abuse became his daily life.  Donald said that he felt "...isolated by everybody, playing at the walls of death, nobody answered, until someone answered, all it took was one day".

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Alameda County Fairgrounds Is Now Smoke-Free!

On April 9, 2013, the Alameda County Fair Board all voted in favor of a smoke-free fairground with designated smoking areas in the parking lot!  The policy went into effect that day.  The past four years has been a long, uphill battle for the Project RIDE crew and staff for the rights of breathing fresh air at the Fairgrounds. With the help of Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley, the interim CEO Fairgrounds and board members, they have finally agreed to a smoke-free policy.  Now participants can actually breathe a sigh of relief when attending events at the Alameda County Fairgrounds!


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Revitalizing Local Neighborhoods: The Excelsior Action Group

Excelsior Love Mural

BACR welcomes the Excelsior Action Group (EAG) as a new fiscally-sponsored project of BACR.

The EAG has been revitalizing San Francisco’s Excelsior District since 2002. An economic development project, EAG involves residents, merchants, neighborhood associations, and city agencies through activities aimed to reinvigorate, green, beautify, strengthen, and unify the Excelsior’s commercial corridor and diverse residential community. Recent activities have included a mural project, an annual neighborhood festival, lighting and safety initiative, library beautification, monthly community cleanups, street-side gardening, and publication of a service and merchant directory. 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Chris McCoy, Americorps VISTA

Some Home Away from Homelessness Students

Interviewed By Cindy Magana, School House student at Home Away

I understand that you work for AmeriCorps VISTA. Could you please tell me what VISTA is?

VISTA is a national service program designed to alleviate poverty in America. It was started as part of President Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty in the sixties as a way for Americans to build the capacity of nonprofit and governmental organizations that work to fight poverty. VISTA members have to live on a modest stipend that's equal to about 150% of the poverty level of where they work.


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Using a “Second Chance” to Enjoy a “First Class” Life

In 2007, Bill, who was a repeat offender, in and out of the Marin County Jail for many years, went through our in-custody program. Bill immersed himself in 12-step meetings and other recommended activities for staying “clean and sober”.

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Happy 20th Anniversary Willard YSP!


I am very proud to tell the community about the Youth Support Program at Willard Middle School in Berkeley, and the positive impact this program continues to make in peoples lives. I haven’t been around long, but I can definitely feel and hear the love that past and returning mentor/mentees have for YSP.  The YSP team goal is to have YSP around for another twenty years. I just want to give a special thanks to those from BACR, Willard Middle School, and UC Berkeley because without you there wouldn’t be a YSP for another 20 years!

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Alameda after school students “Do Something” & make the news!

Connecting to the World

BACR’s after school students at 3 Alameda schools make headlines in The San Jose Mercury News: “Alameda students learn about the world of possibilities”.



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New Perspectives Team Provides Crisis Support After Tragic Car Accident

Clinical Director, Carin Grove and Training Director, Meredith Simpson

Individuals of all ages, cultures and backgrounds experience a crisis at some point in their lives. Crisis can be brought on by a variety of situations, and inevitably, the youth our New Perspective's Marin team serves are affected by such a tragedy in some way. When this occurs, staff and interns from the NP counseling team are recruited by school administration to provide crisis intervention services for students, families and staff on various school campuses.

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Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) is a regional 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency headquartered in San Rafael, California that provides a range of services in seven counties around the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1976, BACR’s mission is to promote the healthy development of individuals and families, encourage service and volunteerism, and help build community. Toward these ends, BACR delivers services at more than 100 school- and community-based sites in the following program areas:

Last year, BACR delivers intensive direct services to approximately 33,000 children, youth, and adults annually. Our outreach and informational programs reach another 370,000 through events, workshops, and the internet. Annual evaluations of BACR programs have consistently shown positive impacts, including improved family functioning, youth development skills, and school performance.

BACR delivers the above services with an annual budget of more than $28 million and a professional staff of 500 (276 FTE) and 360 AmeriCorps members, 25 graduate-level mental health interns, and more than 9,000 volunteers a year. This cadre of professional staff, AmeriCorps members, interns, and volunteers helps make it possible for BACR to leverage support and deliver services in communities that otherwise would not have the capacity to provide adequate resources.

Our Standards of Practice

  1. We persevere, are dependable, and act with integrity.
  2. We recognize the needs and strengths of the people we serve and support their development.
  3. We continually learn—stretching, growing, and innovating.
  4. We build healthy relationships and are guided by a caring heart.
  5. Our services are based on proven models and methods.
  6. We work within communities and build alliances to meet community needs.
  7. We focus on results.
  8. We act with humility, hopefulness, and a sense of humor.