New Perspectives Team Provides Crisis Support After Tragic Car Accident

Clinical Director, Carin Grove and Training Director, Meredith Simpson

Individuals of all ages, cultures and backgrounds experience a crisis at some point in their lives. Crisis can be brought on by a variety of situations, and inevitably, the youth our New Perspective's Marin team serves are affected by such a tragedy in some way. When this occurs, staff and interns from the NP counseling team are recruited by school administration to provide crisis intervention services for students, families and staff on various school campuses.

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BACR provides on-site professional counseling services in public elementary, middle, and high schools in Alameda County, West Contra Costa County, and Marin County schools. Presenting issues include family crises, behavior problems, peer relationships, depression, academic problems, alcohol and drug use, and fears about community violence.

Mental health services include counseling, mentoring, case management, trauma response, parent education, teacher consultation, and other assistance. We provide individual, group, and family mental health services, as well as consultation with school personnel and other stakeholders and collaborators. Program models and practices include different treatment approaches, such as talk, play, art, and cognitive behavioral therapies. We employ Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution-Based and Brief Therapy and Restorative Justice among other models. Several schools in the East Bay integrate both Medi-Cal funded and non-Medi-Cal services.

Program Impacts

Our mental health programs seek to improve emotional functioning, school performance, and peer/family relationships of youth and families. Please click on the Mental Health Program Evaluations in Program Links below for specific outcome results in 2010-11.