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Encouraging Volunteerism

Marty Weinstein, CEO, launched BACR's Employee Wellness Program at the fall kick-off in October 2016. A Wellness Committee spearheaded by HR Director, Brenda Cain was formed to plan and organize a 3-year initiative. Since October Managers have been given an orientation and training. And, a logo contest produced the winning entry "Find your Balance" submitted by Laura Cortez of BACR's DUI Program in Napa.

Just as BACR promotes the healthy development of individuals and families, we promote a culture of health and wellness for our employees.  BACR encourages employees to engage in activities that will enhance their health and wellness as individuals. The Employee Wellness Program works to provide a variety of programs and offerings that address the various components of wellness: mental health, physical, financial, social, and spiritual.  In addition, BACR offers an Employee Assistance Program that provides support in resolving personal issues through a variety of services including counseling services, financial consultations, weight management, stress management, and smoking cessation coaching.  Various other wellness initiatives may be offered at different times, depending on interest level and activities scheduled throughout the Bay Area.

One might not think that basketball can help kids gain critical math skills. But for twin sisters Patricia and Angela Rodas, that’s exactly the case. The Rodas sisters have become rather like local celebrities in the San Francisco Bay Area through their success in NBA Math Hoops, a board game and curriculum that helps kids learn math through the lens of professional basketball. 

To play NBA Math Hoops (and learn math at the same time) students divide into teams to analyze NBA and WNBA players’ stats, strategize, and solve increasingly complex math problems. On October 6, 2016, the Rodas twins showed off their math expertise gained through NBA Math Hoops by winning (for the second year in a row!) the Bay Area NBA Math Hoops championship, as part of the national kick-off for Lights On Afterschool 2016.

On October 24, 2016 over 200 of BACR’s staff gathered at the DoubleTree/Berkeley Marina to “kickoff” the 2016-2017 year.  The theme for this year’s event included an overview of BACR’s Competitive Advantages - showcasing our expansion in our programs growth and diversity; the strength of our core relationships, and a new “wellness” initiative for our staff.  

Our guest speaker was Laura Putnam, author of "Workplace Wellness that Works”.  As always, Marty Weinstein, CEO and Mary Jo Williams, COO paid tribute to our dedicated staff with a presentation of “Best Practice Awards” to 6 deserving recipients.

TFQPLogoIt became apparent to me that there were a great number of individuals who, after leaving school were unprepared from the perspective of training and tools to make sustainable career decisions.

This lack of resources and education has left large numbers of folks essentially paralyzed by the daunting process of digging into their minds and psyches to make confident decisions about moving into the next segment of their lives…thus, The Fifth Quarter Project

A freshly painted mural on the front of the building may announce its presence on Noriega Street, but the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center is by no means a new addition to the Outer Sunset. In fact, SNBC recently had a block party to celebrate its 20 years of after-school programming, family-focused services and community involvement in the Sunset District.

“People have walked past for years and not known we were even in the building,” SNBC Director Matt Pemberton explained, “so we just did our mural and put our name on the wall. That’s never been there.” It may seem like a small thing, but for SNBC it’s another step towards greater visibility within the community it strives to serve.

Pedro Ramirez, 12, sent his robot into action, moving its jaws forward to grab a green plastic block. When he tried to place the block on top of a stack of other blocks, it tumbled off.

The Davidson Middle School student was participating in a robotics class with about 19 other students as part of a summer program offered by San Rafael City Schools in partnership with Bay Area Community Resources. The program runs June 23 through July 22.

“The students are testing out the robots. They just finished building them and they’re making sure they work,” said Jake Pollak, a program coordinator for the community resource group.

The robots roll on four wheels, with jaws in the front, a mini-computer in the middle and bright green gears. The students assembled the approximately 2-foot-long robots using VEX robotics kits purchased by the school district.

“It’s not a competition. We work together to stack the blocks,” said Alex Paz, 13, who attends Davidson with Pedro. As he spoke, Priscilla Huitron, 12, steadied the stack as Pedro renewed his effort to add another block.