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Jen perseveres with bureaucracies, findings ways to model a calm integrity.

Jen Malabag is the Co Director of Medi-Cal Services for our Behavioral Health program.  We persevere, are dependable, and act with integrity?  This is Jen! 

Jen’s work as a clinician is compassionate and driven with the client’s best interest at heart.  Over a year ago she started working as our Quality Control Coordinator  – A difficult position that demands balance between clinically accurate charting and supporting clinicians so they remain upbeat.   

In a recent audit the county stated they would disallow money from our program. This was a "challenge" situation but Jen stayed calm. She kept all of her supervisors in the loop as the process occurred.  Because of her, our disallowances were reduced by 85%.  Her attention to detail and understanding of the work made this happen.  BACR can rely on Jen to balance these demands. She is a special person!