API-CHAT works with Young Adult Leaders (YAL) to join an ongoing effort to restore our community’s health by developing policies to combat the tobacco industry from infiltrating our communities and addicting the next generation. YALs will:

  • Receive education and training on health policy, health education and data collection
  • Improve community health through environmental change and health policy
  • Provide health education to the community, to civic leaders and to media
  • Collect data, such as survey and key-informant interviews
  • Become experts on how tobacco and e-cigarettes impact our community


This project uses the Community Action Model (CAM), developed by the San Francisco Tobacco-Free Project, to create change by building community capacity. To learn more about CAM, https://sanfranciscotobaccofreeproject.org/case-studies/

This project is a collaboration with our community partners, Breathe California Golden Gate Public Health Partnership at https://www.ggbreathe.org and Americans for Non-Smoker’s Rights Foundation, https://no-smoke.org. This project also collaborates, through their leadership and drive, with students, staff and/or faculty in Chabot College, Las Positas College, and DeAnza College.

Download an Application

Youth Adult Leader (pdf) (word)
Community College Liaison (pdf) (word)