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  • Maritza Gomez

Embracing My Multicultural Heritage

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

As a proud Mexican with a Salvadorian mother, I've always felt the need to embrace and recognize my multicultural background. National Hispanic Heritage Month gives us a perfect opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the rich tapestry of Latinx cultures that shape our identity. It's essential to acknowledge the unique characteristics and diverse aspects that make up who we are. We may be grouped together under the label "Latinx," but we have different languages, foods, and traditions. Our vibrant nature, love for colors, and passion for dance unite us, yet we must also acknowledge the beautiful differences that make each culture distinct.

The Power of Food in Our Latinx Identity

Food plays a significant role in our Latinx identity. We are known for our love of eating and the diverse flavors we create. The delicious smells that waft from our kitchens bring joy and nostalgia. Food has the power to bring people together, nourishing both the body and the spirit. It fills our bellies and warms our hearts.

Embracing My Latina Identity

What I want to express is my passion for being Latina. It's not about being defined by one culture or tradition; rather, it's about embracing the unique blend that makes me who I am. Being bilingual allows me to connect with different communities and engage with my Spanish-speaking friends on a deeper level. Language holds immense power, and it is an essential part of my identity.

In my job, language takes center stage. Every day, I bring my Spanish into play, greeting everyone in my native tongue. A simple "Buenos Días" or "Buenos Tardes" opens the door to connection and respect. It is a cultural norm, a sign of politeness and acknowledgment. By speaking Spanish, I show my respect for those around me and create an atmosphere of inclusion.

The Significance of Language

Language is not just a tool; it embodies our values and beliefs. It demonstrates how we view and interact with the world. Culturally, we are raised to show respect, and language is a fundamental part of that. When we enter a space, we greet others with warmth and kindness. By saying "Buenos Días" or "¿Cómo estás?" in Spanish, w

e honor our cultural heritage and show that we value the art of connection.

I carry this love and respect for language into all aspects of my life, even when interacting with clients. Greeting them in Spanish is a way to show them that I value and appreciate their language and culture. It builds trust and creates a positive rapport from the very beginning. By doing so, I reinforce the importance of cultural diversity and acknowledge the richness that comes from embracing multiple perspectives.

Pride in Our Latinx Heritage

There is immense pride in maintaining our Latinx heritage. Our cultural background is not something to be held back by or disregarded. It is a part of who we are, and we should celebrate it in all its glory. Every day, I take joy in speaking Spanish, engaging with my Latinx community, and sharing our unique traditions and customs. It is a testament to our resilience, strength, and unwavering love for our roots.

Being Latina means embracing diversity and embracing the very essence of what made me who I am today. It is about being unapologetically proud of my background, regardless of how others may categorize or label me. I will not be limited by a singular identity; I am an amalgamation of culture, language, traditions, and experiences.

Celebrating Our Latinx Heritage

In conclusion, celebrating my Latinx heritage is a way to express my love and admiration for the vibrant cultures that shape who I am. As a Mexican with Salvadorian roots, I am enriched by the diversity within the Latinx community. Our languages, foods, and traditions are threads that weave together a beautiful tapestry of history and resilience. By embracing our multicultural backgrounds, we honor our ancestors and pave the way for future generations to appreciate, respect, and celebrate the beauty of diversity. Being Latina is not just a label—it's a lifelong commitment to embracing the richness of our heritage and sharing it with the world.

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