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Let's Celebrate!

In March 2021, the BACR ASP Antioch team was invited by The Lawrence Hall of Science to participate in an exhibit Community Connections: Resiliency and Creativity During Covid-19 centered around COVID-19 and high school youth. The main goal of this project was to have youth lead the direction of the project and work together with other youth to answer their most pressing questions and amplify their voices.

The students of Antioch Middle, Park Middle,

and Antioch High School wanted to create a video addressing mental health during COVID 19. The video displayed in the exhibit was created by the youth of Antioch's "BACR News" as part of a COVID-19 community project led by UC Berkeley's "The Lawrence". The Antioch BACR News team compiled questions relevant to their communities and interviewed UC Berkeley Microbiologist Luis Valentin-Alvarado, and, Doctoral candidate Valentin-Alvaradois of UC Berkeley's Innovative Genomics Institute and led by 2020 Nobel Prize Winner Dr.Jennifer Doudna.

Because of their creativity, resiliency, and innovation - The work the youth created is truly a testament to the great work that happens in afterschool every day!

Let's celebrate by giving them a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE!

Cluster 6, visits Lawrence Hall of Science

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