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Mental Health during Covid19

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

BACR's Antioch High School Afterschool Program Collaborates with The Greater Good Science Center and, The Lawrence Hall of Science in a project featuring the impacts of Covid and mental health.

In March 2021, BACR was approached by the Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkley, CA to partner on a project centered around COVID-19 and high school youth. The main goal of this project was to have youth lead the direction of the project choosing the topic on what was important to them and their communities. BACR's afterschool Antioch team was interested in doing something on Mental Health during COVID 19. The Lawrence Hall of Science worked with youth from BACR's Antioch High's afterschool program to help them flush out their ideas for the project and introduced them to UC Berkeley researchers (Greater Good Science Center). Gio, the youth featured in this video, interviewed his peers and coordinated the short interviews with his peers.

This couldn't have happened without the buy-in and support of the coordinator, Derrick Mazza and Manager, Yvonne Nolasco.

Bravo to the everyone involved! #bacrlife

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