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National Nonprofit Day - Hat's Off to the East Bay BACR Expanded Learning Team

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Today is National Nonprofit Day. It is a day to recognize the positive impact that nonprofit organizations have on local communities and around the world. In the East Bay we were determined to focus on what "could" be done, during what was the hardest school year we had ever faced. In the Fall, it was evident that many of our most vulnerable students and families were not in their "virtual" classrooms, experiencing food scarcity and in desperate need of supplies. Expanded Learning teams sprung into action and immediately began to do wellness checks, home visits, help with school site food distributions, and offer other resource assistance. Where we could be of service, we were.

A major highlight was In September of 2020 when we would open our first two learning Hubs in West & East Oakland. At the time, we were not allowed on school sites and instead worked out of recreation centers. During these first months our staff would reconnect with families and students who had been off the radar since March.

From the beginning it was clear these Hubs would honor our commitment to serving and promoting the healthy development of individuals, families and the communities we serve. Thoughtful planning and collaboration created a safe and engaging environment for students. It was also amazing to be in-person with OUR KIDS!!

The East Bay believed that we "could" make an impact and the evidence has been overwhelming. Hat's off to all the East Bay Expanded Learning Coordinators and their amazing teams!


Gabrielle Guinea Program Manager

"Strategic, Learner, Input, Intellection, Achiever "

After School Programs Bay Area Community Resources

"The BACR mission is to promote the healthy development of individuals, families, and communities."

Mission Elementary, Antioch, CA

Belshaw Elementary, Antioch, CA

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Marisa Ramirez
Marisa Ramirez
Aug 19, 2021

Although providing in person services during these times can be a bit more challenging, our staff continue to persevere to be at the the forefront in ensuring we are providing a healthy and safe environment to all students. We are honored to have such amazing staff, everyone continues to be so creative!! - Marisa

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