Feb. 23, 2017 Alameda: Our congratulations! to Robbie Wilson, Program Manager of BACR/LEAPS Expanded Learning Program in Alameda for being presented the Marian Wright Edelman Award from the City of Alameda. Robbie was honored for the healing and connecting work she does in the City. The mission of her LEAPS "Hearts and Hands" program is to teach youth to be of Service in the community and to leave NO ONE behind.

The City of Alameda's Mayor and the Sean McPhetridge. Superintendent of AUSD were surrounded by 200 others celebrating Black History Month. Robbie showcased the youth from our AUSD elementary after school programs, and partnered with the Encinal High Black Student Union at the event. Robbie has created a true collaboration between the City of Alameda, AUSD, and BACR!