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10.22.15 - BACR is extremely proud of Verna Springer, Site Coordinator at Emerson Elementary, who today received a well-deserved honor in the award of “After School Visionary Leadership” from California Department of Education, After School Division. Each October during the Lights On Afterschool celebrations at the State Capitol, this accolade is bestowed on “one or more individuals who have worked several years in the field of after school and have demonstrated leadership, innovation, compassion, creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication in operating stellar after school programs.” This award was presented to Verna by Superintendent of Instruction,Tom Torlakson.  Our congratulations and thanks to Verna for her leadership!

For more than five years the Bay Area Community Resources SUNSET Tobacco Education Project has been working hard to help “clear the air” for San Franciscans living in multi-unit housing (a building with 2 or more housing units). With funding from the California Department of Public Health, SUNSET exceeded expectations through collaboration and networking, research, data collection, and community outreach. As of May 2015, SUNSET has worked with 7 multi-unit housing complexes in San Francisco that committed to being smoke-free by changing their lease agreements to include no smoking in any units! These properties are leased and rented by people from many different countries and backgrounds that are now protected in their own homes from the dangers that drifting smoke can bring.

What does BACR after school look like at REACH Academy Elementary School in Oakland? Watch the video to find out!


In July, 2014 Youth Funding Youth Ideas (YFYI) was invited to present at the Youth Philanthropy “Connect” conference in Anaheim. “Connect” is an annual national conference where dozens of family foundations attend with their children and youth grant-making boards to learn about new strategies for giving money. YFYI was the only youth-led workshop at the conference and it was a smash hit! So much so, that we have been asked to join the Conference Youth Leadership team for planning and organizing the next regional and national event!!

In November 2013 College Dream Team held an essay workshop with our seniors with the help of one of our new Board members. At the end of the workshop we asked our students to say a few words about what they appreciated most about College Dream Team. To a person they all replied that they could not have imagined getting to the point of submitting a college application, let alone attending college, without our help. We have had students accepted and matriculate to schools like UC Riverside, Sonoma St. and University of San Francisco this year. Further, our students received more than $250,000 in grant assistance.

The Youth Support Program (YSP) has been making a difference since 1994. This year the YSP Teachers, students from UC Berkeley, conducted two Credit Recovery classes on the Willard Middle School campus. The classes were for 8th grade students who scored poorly in their Math and/or English class. Because of the YSP teachers, 15 Willard Middle School students will be walking the stage to graduate and there will be more in Spring 2014. YSP will be training more UC Berkeley students to become YSP Credit Recovery teachers to continue to make a difference in a young person’s life. Thank you to the YSP teachers for their dedication and determination.