Celebrating over 40 years of service to individuals, families, and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On May 30th, BAYAC AmeriCorps was notified by Representative George Miller, The Corporation for National and Community Service, and California Volunteers, that the  program has been refunded for 3 more years.

BAYAC is proud to be one of only 69 programs funded from a field of 330 applicants in national competition. Throughout planning and writing the application, BAYAC staff were guided by BACR best practices, especially perseverance and hopefulness.

AmeriCorps is the national service program in which young people perform a year of service to their community, supported by a modest wage and a $5,350 stipend for college education. BAYAC AmeriCorps members provide youth development services in economically disadvantaged communities throughout the Bay Area, with members hosted and supervised by community organizations. In the upcoming grant, 117 AmerCorps members will serve over 3,000 youth per year, with over 40 community programs participating, including OASES and Youth UpRising in Oakland and BACR after school programs in Oakland and San Francisco.

BAYAC is proud that they can offer to young people the opportunity to make a difference with kids in their community, to support them in professional and personal development, and to be part of the large National Service movement. Most of the members have gone on to purse a career in service.

BAYAC is one of the longest standing AmeriCorps programs in the country, having been funded since AmeriCorps was initiated in 1994. They are one of the largest AmeriCorps programs in California, with 117 full time AmeriCorps members and 30-40 partner agencies serving 2,000-3,000 youth every year.

  • Since I've been blessed with the chance to have a good education and many opportunities, I feel obligated to give back and to use the education and the experiences I've had to make an impact.

    Chris McCoy
    AmeriCorps VISTA
  • Seeing the kids' growth through the years, despite the odds being against a lot of them, for whatever reason, is what inspires me to stay here.

    Kevin Lacy
    Before & After School Site Coordinator - San Francisco
  • I feel energized by my work and the teenagers inspire me with their candor and honesty. I’m always learning from them!

    Mary Jane Landolina
    School Counselor - Tamalpais High School, Marin County
  • I am motivated by all the great people that work for BACR and the wonderful things they do. My great reward is knowing that I can help them in their work to support communities all over the Bay.

    Collin Brown
    Web Develop and IT Support
  • Helping other people is what inspires me to work here. Being able to change people's lives, by helping them understand their problems with alcohol, is a huge contribution to my inspiration here.

    Maria Vega
    Office Coordinator - Marin County DUI Program
  • I know that, if I am able to overcome hard struggles in my life and do my best at achieving success, I can encourage the young people that I advocate to do their best as well.

    Court Advocate

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