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Building Capacity to Effect Change in Communities

Encouraging Volunteerism

In July, 2014 Youth Funding Youth Ideas (YFYI) was invited to present at the Youth Philanthropy “Connect” conference in Anaheim. “Connect” is an annual national conference where dozens of family foundations attend with their children and youth grant-making boards to learn about new strategies for giving money. YFYI was the only youth-led workshop at the conference and it was a smash hit! So much so, that we have been asked to join the Conference Youth Leadership team for planning and organizing the next regional and national event!!

The Youth Support Program (YSP) has been making a difference since 1994. This year the YSP Teachers, students from UC Berkeley, conducted two Credit Recovery classes on the Willard Middle School campus. The classes were for 8th grade students who scored poorly in their Math and/or English class. Because of the YSP teachers, 15 Willard Middle School students will be walking the stage to graduate and there will be more in Spring 2014. YSP will be training more UC Berkeley students to become YSP Credit Recovery teachers to continue to make a difference in a young person’s life. Thank you to the YSP teachers for their dedication and determination.

I am very proud to tell the community about the Youth Support Program at Willard Middle School in Berkeley, and the positive impact this program continues to make in peoples lives. I haven’t been around long, but I can definitely feel and hear the love that past and returning mentor/mentees have for YSP.  The YSP team goal is to have YSP around for another twenty years. I just want to give a special thanks to those from BACR, Willard Middle School, and UC Berkeley because without you there wouldn’t be a YSP for another 20 years!

The CHALK graduation is always a time for fun and celebration. At CHALK, we believe that young people can do anything with the appropriate amount of training and support. All of our youth staff receive 80+ hours of training before they begin work on the field. The CHALK graduation is a way to acknowledge the successful completion of their first phase of work. 

We hire young people to do community work because we believe that their personal life experiences can be channeled positively to influence change, not only in their communities but in themselves. 

San Francisco Mayor Lee issued a challenge to San Francisco businesses to create 6,000 jobs this past summer for young people 16-24 years old. United Way and its Matchbridge Program funded 6 organizations to act as "doorways" to the private sector jobs. Doorway organizations were charged with recruiting at least 150 youth into "drop in" hours, screening at least 50 young people and working with them to become job ready.

Interviewed By Cindy Magana, School House student at Home Away

I understand that you work for AmeriCorps VISTA. Could you please tell me what VISTA is?

VISTA is a national service program designed to alleviate poverty in America. It was started as part of President Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty in the sixties as a way for Americans to build the capacity of nonprofit and governmental organizations that work to fight poverty. VISTA members have to live on a modest stipend that's equal to about 150% of the poverty level of where they work.