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Encouraging Volunteerism

In November 2013 College Dream Team held an essay workshop with our seniors with the help of one of our new Board members. At the end of the workshop we asked our students to say a few words about what they appreciated most about College Dream Team. To a person they all replied that they could not have imagined getting to the point of submitting a college application, let alone attending college, without our help. We have had students accepted and matriculate to schools like UC Riverside, Sonoma St. and University of San Francisco this year. Further, our students received more than $250,000 in grant assistance.

College Dream Team worked with 39 seniors this year and more than 180 students. Our students submitted over 200 applications. 24 students will be attending 4-year colleges – the first in their families to do so and 15 will be attending 2-year colleges.

We are proud of students’ accomplishments and know they will succeed!

College Dream Team Statement of Purpose

Students who are not exposed to a college-bound environment have limited access to college admissions advice and knowledge of the path to college. College Dream Team works with high-school students, using a personalized approach, to navigate every step of the college application process so that students have the opportunity to pursue higher education and go on to lead successful lives.