National Service
5,235 served

Giving back.

BACR’s national service program, one of the largest and most effective in California, enables AmeriCorps members to achieve personal benefits through engaging in community service. Communities benefit through services delivered by AmeriCorps members such as tutoring, mentoring, and health education.

BACR recruits, trains, and places adults each year in jobs at youth-serving agencies around the Bay Area. As part of AmeriCorps, a national, federally-funded community service program, AmeriCorps members commit to a one-year term of service in a full-time (1,700 hour) position.

Our AmeriCorps programs achieve two objectives. First, Corps members gain valuable skills and experience as well as stipends to help with college. Second, youth in high-risk communities receive valuable services.

Since I've been blessed with the chance to have a good education and many opportunities, I feel obligated to give back and to use the education and the experiences I've had to make an impact.

Chris McCoy
AmeriCorps Vista