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Farewell to Marty Weinstein, BACR CEO and Founder

We celebrate not just the retirement of a CEO but the legacy of an individual who has dedicated his life to the betterment of our communities. Marty's impact on Bay Area Community Resources is immeasurable, and as he steps into a well-deserved retirement, we are filled with gratitude and admiration for his journey.

Over 30 years ago, Marty embarked on a mission to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families across the Bay Area. Armed with passion, determination, and an unwavering commitment to social justice and services, he founded BACR. Under Marty's leadership, BACR became synonymous with empowerment, education, and community support. The organization has expanded tremendously over the years into multiple industries. From providing crucial resources to at-risk youth to offering counseling services for families in need, essential after-school programming to National Service, and more. Marty's vision transformed BACR into a lifeline for countless individuals facing challenges.

As we bid farewell to Marty, we also express our deepest gratitude for the legacy he leaves behind. Watch or listen to our podcast BACR Unscripted: Real Stories, Real Community, to really get to know Marty. In the episode, “Legacy in Leadership” the host John Fuentes, Associate Director of BACR expanded learning programs, talks with Marty about his life journey, what inspires him, the history of BACR and his future plans post retirement and so much more!

Marty, may your retirement be filled with the same joy, fulfillment, and kindness that you have brought into the lives of so many!

As Marty imparts a nugget of wisdom to our incoming CEO, Jonas Mok, he emphasizes the essence of kindness that lies at the core of BACR’s mission. Jonas is eager to continue the work, so stay tuned for our next feature “Get To Know Your CEO!” where we delve into Jonas’s vision & aspirations as he leads BACR into its next chapter.

If you have some words you would like to share with Marty - feel free to comment below!

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