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Meet Samantha McCary: Harmonies of the Soul-Musical Journey and the Transformative Power of Music

Updated: Feb 4

Written AnDee Solis, Marketing and Communications Manager

Video created by Simon Santos, Marketing and Communications Videographer

As they say, music is the universal language that connects souls. It has the power to evoke emotions, bring people together, and inspire change. Such is the case for Samantha McCary, AKA Samm, a multi-talented individual who not only excels in her role as the training and development manager at BACR but also finds solace and fulfillment in her passion for music.

From a young age, Samm had an innate inclination towards music. She recalls singing since she was a little kid, around the tender age of five or six. Growing up, she actively participated in choir activities within her church community, honing her vocal skills and laying the foundation for her musical aspirations.

Samm's love for music extends beyond her vocal abilities. As a creative soul and a visionnaire, she also thrives as a singer-songwriter. Starting off as a poetry writer, Samm found solace in putting her emotions into words. These heartfelt expressions of her innermost thoughts soon transitioned into something more - songs that resonated with her experiences and those of her friends.

With music as her creative outlet, Samm found a safe space where she could pour out her feelings and be heard. The power of music allowed her to thrive, finding solace in the melodies and lyrics she composed. It became a transformative medium for Samm, carrying her through life's ups and downs.

Samm's musical journey has been shaped by a diverse range of influences. As the CEO of "The Beehive," Samm unapologetically draws inspiration from the iconic Beyoncé. The remarkable talent and undeniable impact of the Queen Bey fuel Samantha's drive and ambition to excel in her craft.

In addition to Beyoncé, Samm holds a deep admiration for soulful legends such as Anita Baker and Luther Vandross. Their mesmerizing vocals and soul-stirring performances have played a significant role in shaping Samm's musical style and the emotions she aims to convey through her own music.

It's no surprise that Samm possesses such a profound musical inclination, as she believes it runs through her family's veins. On her father's side, she recognizes a lineage filled with talented musicians. This inherent musicality passed down from generations is a testament to the fact that music was destined to be a part of Samm's life.

For Samm, music is more than just a hobby or a creative outlet. It holds a transformative power and is deeply intertwined with her sense of self. Music allows her to create her future and mold her present, fulfilling her in ways that few other endeavors can. Through music, Samm feels seen and heard, finding a space where she can truly thrive.

The impact of music on Samm's life cannot be overstated. Its ability to evoke emotions, foster connection, and inspire change is something she holds dear and endeavors to harness within her own musical creations. Samm's journey is a testament to the profound influence music can have on an individual's life, and serves as a reminder for each of us to embrace our passions and find solace in our creative pursuits.

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