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Acknowledging BACR's Humble Heroes for April, 2023

Introducing April's Humble Heroes! As an organization, BACR's People and Culture team create a compilation of messages and names of individuals who have been nominated by their peers for their exceptional contributions. These Humble Heroes have made an impact in their own unique ways, from supporting students and families in times of need, to providing valuable training to their teams. Jenny Flores, Gaynor Siataga, Nikki, Lalo, Veronica Ledesma, Angela Efe, and Helene Szabados have been praised for their dedication, kindness, and selflessness.

This blog serves as a reminder of the positive impact that the people of BACR make in the lives of those around them.


Shout out Jenny Flores for being a humble hero by her continued dedication to the students and families in the after school program! Jenny has been a supportive and kind person to students and families going through hardships and is always available to give uplifting advice and guidance however she can.

Gaynor Siataga is a humble hero by being above amazing with a heart of gold

Thank you so much Nikki for being a Humble Hero! We are so thankful for you bringing the training on Understanding Gender, Sex, and Sexuality to our team so that we are all able to move forward in a more intentional way with our groups of students and with each other! -

Lalo has stepped up and recruited a team of student leaders to participate in his Ladders of Leadership program! Through his creativity and dedication, the students have embarked on a journey of renovating and beautifying our school's courtyard space. He has been an outstanding Humble Hero so far and we are all excited to continue watching him grow in his role as a leader!

To Veronica Ledesma - Thank you for always being open to share your wealth of knowledge and always supporting the center, staff and families! To Angela Efe - you are so kind and a companion, who is always ready to listen and help. She is an awesome support for the whole team.

To Helene Szabados - Thanks for being a humble hero helping me grow professionally

Left to Right: Nikki, Jenny and Helene

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