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  • AnDee Solis

Empowering Women's Equality 🌟

At BACR, we celebrate #WomensEqualityDay to honor practitioners within our #BACR community who exercise love-in-action through their work at the intersection of #equality and #justice to uplift intersectional movements to ensure belonging for our collective wellbeing and flourishing.

This year we celebrate Cherie Fountaine, #DEIB leader and advocate, mother, and beloved daughter of Oakland. Growing up in the 90’s, she was inspired by black women like @janetjackson, @queenlatifah and #oprah - breaking barriers in their industries, moving mountains and paving the pathways for rising leaders to break barriers within their own communities. Inspired also by her grandmother and mother, who raised her with common sense, #BlackExcellence, and the humbling ability to hold multiple truths about self, relationships and #community, Cherie was motivated to become her “ancestor’s wildest dreams”.

In her work today, her #LoveLetter to the women in her communities is expressed through her consistent approach to developing BACR’s own leadership and teams infusing innovative learning and community building sessions. She has created a beloved community with BACR and has opened pathways for intergenerational teams to bring their whole selves to work, to show up fully, and fall deeply in love with the work of community flourishing.

On Women's Equality Day at BACR, we come together to celebrate the remarkable women who form this organization. Today and every day, we honor these extraordinary women whose contributions drive our collective mission forward, making BACR a place where every voice is valued and heard. #WomensEqualityDay #Equality #BACRWomen

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